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People are the basic piece of any geneleaogy. They are the links that connect us to our past. Information on people who are determined to be living, or could possibly still be alive due to the time period they lived, is not available on this website.

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Alden Isabella E. 19 MAY 1859
Alden Orsamus
Alden Orson
Aldersen Lewis A.
Alexander Margaret 5 MAY 1738 1 AUG 1812
Alexander Merton
Alexander Susan ABT 1749 AFT 1792
Algera Saapke Tjeerds
Allen Asahel
Allen Catherine
Allen Edward
Allen Edward 1 MAY 1662 1740
Allen Electa FEB 1775 16 MAR 1825
Allen Florence E. ABT 1875
Allen Lydia
Allen Rebecca ABT 1700
Allen Samuel Clesson 5 JAN 1772 8 FEB 1842
Allen Thomas
Allen Unknown
Allen Zebulon
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