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People are the basic piece of any geneleaogy. They are the links that connect us to our past. Information on people who are determined to be living, or could possibly still be alive due to the time period they lived, is not available on this website.

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Aarts Catharina
Abbott Albert ABT 1835
Abbott Almedia 19 MAR 1883
Abbott Dewey ABT 1832
Abbott Hiram 28 APR 1866
Abbott Maria ABT 1827
Abbott Orville ABT 1838
Abbott P. ABT 1829
Abbott Royal ABT 1844
Abbott Solomon ABT 1810
Abbott Valerie ABT 1841
Abby Mary
Ackley Phebe
Adair Janet ABT 1714
Adams Carolyn
Adams Catharine
Adams Frank
Adams Melissa
Adams Sarah
Adriaanse Janna
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